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Address: 1066 Budapest, Ó utca 42.
Phone: +36 (1) 269 56 59; +36 20 614 78 33
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The Revoltade Ltd. is Hungary's leading dance shop and the iDancestore webshop owner.

We offer all the essential requisites/equipments of classical ballet, modern dance, jazz dance, musical,show dance, yoga, pilates and fashion dance as well, such as eg., a wide choice of salsa or tango accessories.


Our shop is opened its doors to its customers in May 2001., in the heart of downtown Budapest, near the theater district.

In recent years, progress made and to operate successfully due to the emphasis on stock and sales area in addition to increasing the professional service staffs to find the best brands. Nowadays we are working with 5 staffs, in 2 levels.

Our products come from all over the world, to meet the needs of our costumers.

Key supplier partners:

SANSHA (France) - the main exclusive partner 

All Gaynor (USA) - an exclusive partner

Diamant (Germany) - an exclusive partner

Dancin (Italy) - an exclusive partner

So Danca (Brazil) - an exclusive partner

Capezio (UK)

WearMoi (France)

Tyrrell Katz (UK)

Grishko (Russia)




and many more…..


From january 2008. we have a webshop, which was completely rebuilt and renamed to iDancestore in 2016. With iDancestore we are able to receive orders from all over the world. We have online costumers from Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Austria primarily from Germany and the European Union.

It is important for us to look always for quality and sophistication.

We want you to get your desired dance-loving wearing, good quality shoes and useful accessories at the right price with the great service.


Thank you for your attention and look forward to hearing from you soon!


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