Terms and Conditions

Webshop information

The seller of the items bought by the client is Revoltade Kft. The exact and legally correct information about us are as follows:

            Address:1066 Budapest Ó utca 42 fsz, Hungary.

            Contact:Cserta József

            EU VAT Number: HU14594797

            Registration Number: Cg. 01-09-911066                      

           Registry Office: Budapest Registry Court

           Phone number: +36-20-5495581

            E-mail: shop@idancestore.eu

General information and product description

The items presented in our webshop are the object of the contract between the seller and the client.

The detailed properties and description of each item can be find on it's own page. Please read these information's carefully so that you purchase only the items you actually needed. In specific cases, please contact us with questions. Some items can have compatibility problems or hidden dangers with them. In this case, reading the description might prove useful.

Some images are illustrations only.

The gross price is always presented next to the image

The ordered items will be transported to the client.


We ask our customers that if the ordered items arrive, before they are handed over to be checked for completion, conformity and transport damages. Otherwise, in case of home delivery, it is hard to prove damages or missing items.

In case of product quality issues, it will be handled according to the 49/2003. GKM statement.

The warranty claims can be attained with the purchase documents. Revoltade Kft. is obliged to take note of the claim and malfunction. Revoltade Kft. will try to resolve the warranty claim in a 15 day period.

For warranty claims please contact us at the above stated e-mail address.

Copyright and references

The assets present on the revoltade Kft. Webshop (idancestore.eu) , graphical, technical, views and variants of these, all the data concerning the company and products, the descriptions seen as they are on the pages are the property of Revoltade Kft.. Without the express consent of the owner, the use of these are subject to copyright violations and can have legal consequences.

Referring to idancestore.eu it is forbidden to place links in any content that they link or contain references to other content, or part of another site. in any other cases the use of references is accepted.

Other conditions

Purchasing from our webshop presumes that the client has an understanding of the limitations of the internet use and acceptance of it, especially regarding the technical limits and known bugs/errors. Revoltade Kft does not assume any responsibility regarding errors appeared in the networking system that hinders the purchase or correct use of out webshop.

Revoltade Kft. can sue any person that commits fraud or tries to do so, but Revoltade  Kft. cannot be held responsible for any damages caused by a third party that affect a client.

In case that a Client violates the conditions of use stated, it can disable the Registration (User account).

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